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Marianne Hassoun 15 Apr 2021

21 Stunning Outdoor Spots To Visit In Lebanon

If you’re looking for something fun and light on the pocket while taking all the necessary COVID-19 precautions, here are 21 locations you can explore around Lebanon this Spring!

1. Lebanon’s longest hiking trail in Mseilha, Batroun

You can also explore other hiking trails by clicking here.

2. Batroun’s Phoenician Wall

We recommend going at sunset! Grab a lemonade from Hilmi’s for maximum enjoyment.

3. Tripoli’s Gold Souk

Enjoy a historic trip to Tripoli and walk through one of the largest souks in Lebanon! You can check out other stunning souks here.

4. Kfarmatta’s Abandoned Silk Mill

One of the oldest and largest in Lebanon, this abandoned silk mill is a beautiful spot to tick off your bucket list!

5. The Beiteddine Palace

If you haven’t been here, you’re really missing out.

6. The Hewn Stone in Baalbeck

7. And the Niha Temple in Northern Baalbeck

Imagine taking a trip to a place like this!

8. The Haunted Hotel in Bikfaya

Not sure if it’s really haunted, but it’s a must-visit!

9. Tyre’s Historic Ruins

If you’re really into historic touristic areas, this place is for you.

10. The Fizr in Kfarmatta

Another gorgeous location in Kfarmatta! Spectacular views and a challenging hiking trail for our adventure lovers.

11. The Smurf House in Rachana

This is adorable!

Photo courtesy of Livelovearchitecture

12. The Falougha Ponds

This is the perfect camping destination.

Photo courtesy of LiveLoveFalougha

13. Zaarour’s Highest Mountain

Photo courtesy of Ralphsadaka

14. Paradise Waterfalls in Baakline

Crystalline waters and a much-needed breath of fresh air – here we come!

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

15. Kousba’s Black Castle

Photo courtesy of itsjessicahaddad

16. Qasr el Ahlam in Bakhoun

Looks like it’s really straight out of a dream (or a nightmare depending on your tastes).

Photo courtesy of livelovebakhoun

17. The Airplane Shaped House in stunning Miziara

How cool is this?

Photo courtesy of 365daysinleb

18. This Forest in Bkaatouta

Anyone want to meet Bambi?

Photo courtesy of live love_bkaatouta

19.This Tomato Farm in Jbeil

Tomato picking is our new favorite activity.

Photo courtesy of gemfruits

20. This Beautiful Ranch in Koura

You can be a cowboy for a day!

Photo courtesy of Theranch

21. Bkassine Pine Forest

Discover this huge pine Forest located in Jezzine!

Photo courtesy of tarekbatakji