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Myriam Skaf 03 Feb 2020

10 Date Ideas To Reignite The Spark With Your Lover

We’ve all been struggling to rekindle our love lives, so we decided to compiled a bunch of romantic spots for you and your lover! Candle-lit dinners, wine tastings, and a little local tourism will surely make your date nights more special.

1. Enjoy a romantic beach dinner at Sealena Beach in Chekka

Sealena Beach has a beautiful beach dinner set up in El Herri. The sea breeze, rose petals, and good food are the recipe for an unforgettable romantic date night.

2. Go wine tasting at Chateau Kefraya

Chateau Kefraya’s vineyards should be on everyone’s bucket list. Tour the domaine and sip on their delicious wines. What’s a date without some alcohol?

3. Lounge by the sea at Kalani in Halat

Kalani is the perfect adult escape! Take a dip in the gorgeous pool, enjoy a beautiful day in the sun, and sip on your favourite drinks! Bonus points if you decide to rent out one of their incredible villas.

4. For a taste of Lebanon’s nature, catch the waterfall at Kfarhelda

If you’re into some adventure, we recommend a good hike. It’s all about the journey and the destination when it comes to gorgeous views. You can also check out 5 Gorgeous Waterfalls Worth The Road Trip!

5. Book a beautiful stay at Al Haush Guesthouse

Get away from the city, and chill in the pool surrounded by lush gardens and the scenic landscape of Bekaa. It doesn’t get better than this.

6. Experience an Italian culinary voyage at Mariolino in Batroun

You can’t take your lover to Europe, but this is the next best thing. Meet Lebanon’s little Italy!

7. Can’t resist a seaside view? Head to La Funivia in Jounieh!

If there’s one thing we love, it’s seaside views and a good meal. This fun new concept in Jounieh is an ideal date night for you and your lover!

8. Visit new spots together, like Dead End Paradise in Gemmayze!

There’s nothing better than creating memories and trying new things together! Dead End Paradise opened a few months back, and if you haven’t been there…it’s a date!

9. How about a brunch date? Drop by to Cantina Sociale!

Nothing says “I love you” like “I’m willing to wake up before 12 PM for you”.

10. Make friends with water buffalos in Ammiq Wetlands

Keeping it casual and fun, all while discovering more of Lebanon! Check out The Must-Visit Land of Water Buffalos in Bekaa.