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Taleen El Gharib 11 Aug 2021

Horrifying: Lebanese Cities In Complete Darkness

As the power crisis continues to worsen, electricity cuts have become even more unbearable than usual with citizens all over the country spending countless hours in darkness in the sweltering heat, with worries of their overpriced food going bad in the fridge hanging over their head.

Last night, many horrifying photos circulated on social media of cities around Lebanon in complete and utter darkness.

Two days ago, Electricity of Zahle gave a 48-hour warning that they will no longer be able to supply the region with electricity after 8 years of loyal provision. Electricity of Zahle supplies some 300,000 citizens, who are now left without any power.

Zahle and the entire Bekaa are not the only areas suffering from total blackouts. On the list are also Saida, Bourj Hammoud, Nabatieh, Chiah, Hermel, and many more. The power cuts have also been affecting hospitals, which are unable to provide proper healthcare services to their patients due to the power cuts. Six hospitals are already at risk of closure, just a month after the Sibline Governmental Hospital closed its doors due to the fuel crisis.

With no fuel to keep backup generators running amidst constant electricity cuts, we are witnessing an absolute collapse of a country. It looks like we’ll have to resort back to (overpriced) candles.