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Tanya Maalouf 18 Aug 2021

Akkar Is Now In A State Of Total Blackout

Akkar has been neglected for so long and deprived of basic necessities, with their living conditions deteriorating on a daily basis. There has been and continues to be a total absence of governmental interest there.

Akkar is collapsing. Here is what is going on:

It is now almost completely cut off from the internet, as internet and telecom provider Ogero ran out of fuel in the region, paralyzing banks, businesses, and state offices.

Power outages have left hospitals unable to run basic operations, and private generators have been forced to scale back operations in light of outages lasting up to 22 hours a day.

Hospitals are out of medicine and other health services, as they even couldn’t treat victims of the Akkar massacre properly.

Fuel stations are completely closed, providing no supply to the area.

Several official departments are closed due to power outages, preventing citizens from carrying out paperwork.

Some are still searching for missing relatives, while others do not have the fuel to visit the survivors being treated.

Many bakeries have been forced to close, while supermarkets have stopped selling bread and many basic items. The few Akkar bakeries that have remained open are also struggling to keep up with resident’s demands.

The region has been impoverished, and the majority are holding on to whatever means of generating income they have to survive.

Akkar is only a small example of the government’s criminal negligence as it has been mistreated and robbed by its elected deputies with promises for projects that were never built and an explosion that has killed and injured many.

This is only a mere countdown until other areas follow suit.