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Beirut.com 31 Aug 2021

Here Are The Horrifying Events Lebanon Witnessed In The Past 24 Hours

2021 has been Lebanon’s worst nightmare, but the month of August definitely takes the cake as we continue to endure extremely traumatic events that have affected citizens mentally, as well as physically.

Lebanon witnessed an unexplainable series of events yesterday, Monday, August 30th. Here’s everything that’s happened in the past 24 hours:

1. A factory in Burj al-Barajneh exploded, claiming the lives of 4 innocent people.

It was later on reported that the explosion was caused by welding works, killing 4 people, including 2 brothers.

2. A fire broke out in a gas station in Bcharre, leaving its owner with major burns

Around 11PM last night, citizens in the Northern area of Hadath al-Jabbah-Bcharre heard a terrifying noise which was later confirmed as an explosion. The gas station was seemingly unloading a tanker which burst into flames, leaving 2 people injured.

3. Akkar blast death roll rises

Ali Chrayteh and Ashraf Talleb are the most recent victims of Akkar’s devastating explosion. According to local sources, hospitals could not treat many of the victims in Akkar due to the fact that they were unequipped to deal with such severe burn cases. This has left many unable to receive proper treatment.

4. Clashes over fuel leave 3 injured and 1 dead in Tripoli

Bab Al-Tabbaneh area faced several clashes yesterday that was seemingly over fuel, which left one dead. The victim Nasr Al-Jojo has been allegedly shot and killed on the scene. Sources reveal that the victim had nothing to do with the encounter.

5. EU council reimposes entry ban on travelers coming from Lebanon

EU council members reportedly told Reuters that they have updated the list of epidemiologically safe countries, removing a total of 6 countries including Lebanon due to the increasing COVID-19 cases seemingly caused by the Delta variant.

6. Lebanon’s trash crisis is making a comeback

RAMCO company is no longer doing its usual rounds of trash pickup due to the lack of fuel.