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Marianne Hassoun 20 Sep 2021

Restaurant Dispute Leaves Young Woman Dead

A dispute at a restaurant in Ghosta resulted in gunfire and the killing of an innocent young woman instantly.

The victim, later identified as Tatiana Wakim, was enjoying a night out with her friends when a sudden dispute occurred between a group of men. The shooter who was only identified as F.S was seemingly trying to break up the fight and fired shots in the air, hitting Tatiana straight in the chest, killing her instantly.

Many lives have been previously affected by the lack of gun control and stray bullets. Exactly one year ago, Footballer Mohammad Atwi passed away after being hit by a stray bullet. Just this past August, seven year old Tayouna Sarraf was enjoying a peaceful Sunday with her family when she was killed by a stray bullet as the result of “celebratory gunfire”.

May Tatiana Rest In Peace, our deepest condolences to her family and loved ones. You deserved better.