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Beirut.com 12 Oct 2021

16 Things You Can Say Both During Sex And Elections

Because you loved our 25 Things You Say Both During Sex And A Lebanese Family Lunch, AND our Things You Can Say During Sex And In Traffic – here’s one more.

1. It won’t fit

A politician stuffing the ballot box

2. Eja ma3eh

My brother, it’s his first time voting!

3. Shu tawil

The line to vote…

4. I put my finger in there?

In the bottle of election ink…sicko.

5. This is my first time

When you’ve never voted before.

6. Bjarrib min wara?

When the election center seems closed 🙁

7. It’s so hard

The decision you need to make. Except it’s not! Vote independent.

8. Come inside

When it’s your turn to vote.

9. This is taking forever

When you got pizza waiting in the fridge and you’re over it.

10. Khalesni ba2a

11. Hleket

12. Talla3ne min tyebeh

The inspector at the ballot box.

13. Faweto min hon

Things you hear when the VIP voters make their way to the front of the line.

14. Ma3eh protection

When the loser politician brings their bodyguards along…

15. Ma ba2a fiye

When you’re waiting in line for too long.

16. Ntekna

@ the whole process.

Your reminder to vote, vote, VOTE!