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Lynn Fakhry 22 Feb 2022

Meet Yansoon, The Arabic Indie Band Giving A Sound To Lebanese Culture

Yansoon: the formal Arabic term of “They forget”, Middle-Easterns’ favorite infusion, and now an indie Lebanese music group bringing audiences a sonic experience of local culture’s beauty and blemishes.

Through a unique sound that blends elements of traditional Arabic music with characteristics with western genres, Yansoon aims to highlight the good and bad habits Lebanese citizens are guilty of.

Here’s how the band’s four male members chose to introduce themselves to the world:

Vocalist and lyricist Wissam Dib

Percussionist Elie Maksoudian

Music producer Antoine Maksoudian

And composer Habib Rahme

Posts of traditional coffee cups, pictures of Elie going up the stairs covered in sweat while holding grocery bags, Habib doing the dishes, Antoine jamming in his room (it shows on his face that he has been annoyingly interrupted by a household member), and Wissam hopelessly sitting on a couch as if he’s been commanded not to flinch before the floor dries – All of this social media content perfectly aligns with the satirical lyrics and visuals of the band’s new Arabic song, which premiered on February 18.

“Jeyina Ness”, meaning “We Are Expecting Guests”, describes the process many families in the region go through when prepping for a big house gathering, which unites them despite their cultural differences.
The music video features colorful illustrations created and animated by Chawki Kosseife and Elise Nassour following a screenplay by Tina-Maria Jabri and Wissam Dib. Be sure to check it below!

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