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Labib Mansour 24 Feb 2022

9 Places You’d Find The Lebanese Anna Delvey

Inventing Anna is currently a top performer on Lebanese Netflix which prompted us to think of the various places where we’d find her Lebanese counterpart.

Here are 9 Beirut spots where we could imagine finding the Lebanese Anna Delvey.

1. Arthaus, Gemmayzeh

The perfect amalgam of art, culture, and great service. Anna can definitely be overheard lying about how she has visited their branch in Megeve while laying around in her bathrobe near the pool and charging one bottle of rose to her room after another.

2. Swim Club & Poolside, Albergo Hotel – Achrafieh

In fact, she would try to scam her way to a long-term stay at Albergo. She would Instagram the hell out of that impeccable decor, and we truly can’t blame her.

3. Le Yacht Club, Zaytuna Bay

Where else can you social climb like nobody’s business?

4. Le Grand Bar, Minet el Hosn

The newest bar and lounge in Beirut? Leb-Anna is there!

5. Ai, Minet el Hosn

Given the fact that half of Lebanon’s socialite scene is currently taking photos of the sushi at Ai (and rarely eating it), Anna will undoubtedly have a table there every weekend.

6. Burgundy, Saifi

Delvey would have hands down tricked some investment banker into taking her to Beirut’s fanciest dinner spot in Saifi. After feasting on lobster and caviar and sampling their finest wines,

7. Cocteau, Minet el Hosn

Old money = tons of investment opportunities for her horrible business idea.

8. Capitole, Downtown Beirut

Snapping Instagram pics of the church and mosque.

9. Analogue, Monot

Great DJs and tons of pockets she can pick.