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Mia Arawi 19 May 2023

11 Tips For Students Graduating In Lebanon This Month

Congratulations, after years of grueling work you have achieved the dream of every student in Lebanon, that glorious piece of paper that you’ll stuff in a drawer and never see again in your life. If you’re scared of the brave new world that awaits post-uni, worry not because we have 11 amazing and totally professional and valid tips for you.

1. This is the best/worst time of your life
Your life is over, you peaked in university. No, your life has just begun, you won’t even think of university again. Just fill in the blanks based on which one you like, science!

2. The job market is pretty bullshit

Sorry to burst the bubble but a lot of this shit is running on vibes and vibes only, so don’t really take it that seriously. Alternatively, you can start your own bullshit job.

3. Break up with your bf, I’m bored

It’s time.

4. Your profs were wrong, no one knows what’s going on outside either
Like seriously, it’s scary. Please help.


5. You are an excel-master now
Listen, it doesn’t matter if you have no idea what’s going on, just be the local tech-guru (WhatsApp and Excel fixer) and you’ll be employed for life.

6. Just lie

About your CV, your experience, your life, everything…


7. You need to make the Grad School decision now
None of that I’ll do it in a year or two bullshit, we all know that’s not gonna happen. Just give a straight yes or no and stop lying to yourself. Are you gonna be student forever? In Lebanon? If you need any encouragement, check this out.

8. Visas are gonna be the end of you

Speaking of grad school, you may think the grass is greener on the other side, but have you ever actually stopped and tried to apply to a visa? It’s not good, trust me.


9. Enjoy your last jobless days

Yeah being unemployed sucks but before you dive into the world of employment, savour the last days.

10. Get a cat
Don’t ask any questions.

11. Time to develop a new personality
Maybe it’s time to find a TV show that matches your soul?