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Beirut.com 05 May 2022

25 Images To Keep In Mind Ahead Of Lebanese Elections

May 15th 2022 is fast approaching. Here are 25 images you may want to keep in mind as you assess whether or not you’d like to vote.

1. Members of state security guarding subsidized goods at supermarkets:

2. This Lebanese mother’s heart-breaking message to the former Minister of Education, Tarek Majzoub. “We don’t have money to buy shoes for our kids.”:

3. The insane lines of hundreds of cars standing still outside gas stations, waiting to refuel. This sadly was a regular sight for months on end:

4. This photo of a young man who was shot and killed at one of Akkar’s gas stations due to a fight over fuel lines:

5. Heartbreaking photos of terrified children taking cover at their schools amid Tayouneh clashes:

6. This video of multi-millionaire Yassin Jaber complaining about being forced to ask his daughter to send him medication from Switzerland because he couldn’t find it in Lebanon:

7. The heartbreaking image of Joe Andoun’s two daughters and his wife visiting the site of the Beirut explosion with a cake in celebration of Father’s Day:

Joe was killed during the August 4 explosion.

8. People flocking to the banks at night as the 3,900 LL rate was at risk of being revoked:

9. This street food vendor setting his cart on fire after being arrested by security forces yesterday for “illegally” selling corn on the cob:

10. This family of four that was killed in a car crash due to fuel lines on the Jiyyeh road:

11. This message revealing that the state had not supplied Civil Defense trucks with fuel nor diesel for over 6-months now, with volunteers being forced to fuel the firefighting trucks with their own money.

12. The families of the hundreds of victims who died during the August 4 explosion being attacked by security forces outside Berri’s residence:

13. Heartbroken parents of students abroad beating down the doors of banks, pleading to access their money:

14. These three souls who died due to Lebanon’s medication and fuel crises:

Details here.

15. Rawan Misto’s sisters’ heartbreaking birthday tribute:

Rawan was killed during the August 4 explosion.

16. PM Najib Mikati saying, “ma 2ilna 3ein nimshi bil sheri3, beddi erja3 rou7 3al mat3am”:

17. Insane passport queues:

18. The Tleil-Akkar fuel tanker explosion victim being identified by his engagement ring:

19. Trash piling up repeatedly on our streets:

20. General Security banning a play that referred to an unidentified figurehead and their effect on our daily lives, calling for a thawra:

21. This video of two girls who had been shot at for not stopping for a convoy of an unnamed politician who was passing through Corniche El Mazraa:

22. Crowds outside this army supermarket due to slightly cheaper prices:

23. This heartbreaking notice that was sent to parents of students at Tripoli’s Al Nahda School for Girls asking them to avoid giving their children extra food and “treats” in order to shift attention away from the fact that other students could no longer afford to bring in juice boxes and chocolate bars:

24. This shocking video showing many people traveling from Deir Ammar to Tripoli on foot due to the fuel crisis:

25. The tragic death of Mohamad Samir Ahmad, who was unable to see the blockades placed for the parliamentary session and drove his motorcycle into the cement, leading to his death.