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Bachar Bzeih 28 Jul 2022

Minister Of Health Announces Precautionary Measures In Case Of Silo Collapse

The Lebanese Ministry of Health announced yesterday a set of procedures that should be followed if the port’s grain silos collapse.

The silos, considered to be a historic monument by some, have suffered from repeated fires in the last month. Firefighters have faced a lot of difficulties exterminating the fires due to the technical deficiencies of the fragile structure.

The Ministry encourages anyone within 1500 meters of the structures to close all windows, turn on air conditioners, and wear an N95 mask when outside.In the event of their collapse, dust and fungi from rotting grains in the silos could heavily disperse around the city. The ministry estimates that these procedures should only be necessary for 24 hours post-silo collapse.

In the scorching heat of summer, and with electricity access both expensive and inconsistent, many nearby residents could suffer from extreme heat as their windows are shut and ACs turned off.