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Melissa Sleiman 25 May 2023

Takis Burgers And Other Spicy Bites At This Spot!

Food always tastes better when it’s spicy and that’s why this spot in Zouk Mosbeh is turning up the heat with their spicy bites—and more specifically, Takis-coated meals. Lava Lounge has been luring us spicy food lovers in with their fiery dishes. Check out their firey menu!

We’re not sure if it’s the red and blue colors, the addictive crunch, or the zesty aftertaste, but when Takis meals are done right, they hits all the right spots. Anyway, who can resist a good crunch?

Crunch is what their new menu is all about.

Their Mexican burger is making every spice lover down their drink after every bite. Far more than a simple spicy burger, this treat enjoys a coat of melted cheese dipped into crushed Takis.

If you’re looking for something equally crunchy and colorful, their corn dogs are the way to go.

A not-so-traditional corn dog, dipped in batter and fried with a layer of crushed Takis.

But if you’re feeling adventurous, and we mean really adventurous, you can try their mac and cheese burger. Not recommended for the weakhearted (or if you have lactose intolerance). This burger comes with a double beef patty, a lot of melted cheese, and deep-fried mac and cheese buns.

So, when you’re in the mood for extra crunchy, spicy bites, head straight to Zouk Mosbeh. Maybe stop by the Zouk Mosbeh Street Festival while you’re at it! Click here to read about all the fun festivals happening around Lebanon this weekend.

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