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Katerina Hakmeh 27 Sep 2022

New Prices Of Issuing Lebanese Passport…And The Nearest Appointment

During yesterday’s parliamentary session which saw the passing of the 2022 budget and the amendment of the exchange rate for customs fees, passport issuance fees were also hiked.

The cost of issuing a five-year passport is now 1,000,000 LL, while a ten-year travel document is 2,000,000 LL, these were previously 600,000 LL and 1,200,000 LL respectively. Lebanese expats who renew their passports at consulates abroad have reported paying anywhere between $300 and $600, making the document among the most expensive in the world.

But money is not the only hurdle to issuing a Lebanese passport these days, as applicants have found themselves desperately seeking appointments for two years now. The earliest slot that can be found at this point is sometime in 2024.

Just three months ago, the nearest appointment was in April of 2023. These severe delays, which have been chalked up to shortages in funds, have cost people job opportunities abroad.

This comes after a year of insane queues and a complete halt of the issuing of travel documents by Lebanon’s General Security, which prompted the reinstatement of the appointments platform earlier this summer.

If you would like to learn how to use the appointment platform, click here.