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Sarah Tarhini 30 Nov 2022

12 Things You Relate To If You Hate the World Cup

The long-awaited World Cup has begun in Qatar, and we football haters are already tired of it. Some of us have been force-fed sports content wherever we go, and we’re finally breaking our silence about our misery. Here are 12 things you’ll surely relate to if you happen to hate the World Cup.

1. You avoid social media at all costs

Yes, Ahmad, we’re definitely skipping your countless WC Instagram stories. Thanks for the visual disturbance, we hope your team never wins.

2. You don’t quite get the hype about 22 men chasing balls

There’s nothing interesting about grown men running after a ball. Golf only has one man and one ball, much more interesting.

3. You despise the official World Cup tracks

Especially this year’s fiasco. Currently calling the doctor’s clinic for an EAR CLEANING appointment.

4. You’re haunted by flashbacks of every time you played sports and hurt yourself

It’s called PTSD.

5. You adore it when you find a fellow hater

Finally someone else who has seen the light!

6. You can’t get the commentator’s voice out of your head

Please I need to sleep, stop haunting us.

7. You had a totally different reaction when you saw the viral Cristiano and Messi campaign

While others were losing their shit over the picture, you were wondering how many millions of dollars the shoot actually cost.

8. You’re experiencing withdrawals from missing your favorite shows

Till the game time begins, you have to constantly fight with your family members to let you watch your favorite show or anything.

9. You cringe at people who blindly support teams just to get into the spirit

You’re being annoying over something you know absolutely nothing about and for WHAT?

10. You cringe even more over the World Cup hysteria

You’re out here in a cafe fainting over a complete stranger. Please shedo 7alkon shway.

11. You’re too excited for it to end

And finally enjoy some peace.

12. You desperately want to escape somewhere that does not take you to Qatar

And of course we have your back! Here are 12 safe places you can escape.

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