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Bassel Obeid 12 Dec 2022

7 New Restaurants You Need To Try Around Lebanon

Feeling a little adventurous and in the mood to try out some new spots around town? We found a few that we’re sure you haven’t tried yet! Add them to your list for the next time you’re wondering where to go.

1. Raclette Factory, Batroun

Cheese lovers will love the taste of this spot in Batroun’s old souk. Their specialty? Raclette everything. Feast on their mouthwatering raclette burger with a side of wedges and finish off with their sweet AF cheesecake. It doesn’t get any cheesier than this.

2. Los Primos, Kaslik

The master wrap house that serves up all your favorite street food-style Mexican dishes and pairing them with their irresistible guacamole dip. It tastes exceptional with their nacho fiesta, quesadillas, and chicken tacos.

3. Mylos, Mar Mikhael

If you’re in the mood for some Mediterranean, Greece is only a bite away. This spot in Mar Mikhael offers their own twist on signature flavors and dishes, like the iconic moussaka and kebab bowls.

4. Lello’s Resto & Bar, Jounieh

A Swedish eatery in the heart of Jounieh’s old souk, serving up Swedish flavors, and then some. Their mixed grill platter, known as plankstek, is a must-try if you’re up for something new.

5. Smoak, Mar Mikhael

Meat lovers, in the mood for some mashewe ma3 el shabeb, but better? This new smokehouse in Mar Mikhael is going to be your new favorite spot. From smoke-cured burger patties to indulgent baby back ribs, have your pick and dig in!

6. Matt’s, Gemmayze

For the adventurous foodies who love wild creations, Matt’s boasts a menu full of experimental burgers. Their combinations will take your tastebuds on a wild ride, so be sure to hang on. If you’re new to this spot, try Mo’s Specialty burger on your first visit for a balance of sweet and spicy flavors.

7. Cones Identity, Sfeir

All your favorite sandwich in cone form, this is the perfect December treat if you’re looking for something to keep you both warm and satiated on cold winter nights. Don’t forget to ask for an extra layer of cheese on top.

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