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William Daou 22 Dec 2022

15 More Presidential Candidates MPs Should Vote For

Today is Thursday, but unfortunately, our overworked MPs are on holiday. Of course, the election of a president can wait! It’s nothing serious! Since there will be no parliamentary session today, we thought we’d compile a list of suggestions for new presidential candidates because we’re starting to feel like they’ve run out of ideas.

1. New new, new, new, NEW Lebanon

2. 3ammo l service

He seems to have a very promising economic recovery plan.

3. [some dead Chilean president, to be poetic]

4. Lebanon new

*password failed, try again*

5. Mia Khalifa

#MiaForPresident (we’re unsure why no one has submitted her name yet TBH).

6. Beirut sett el donia

7. DJ Saad

Major plot twist, DJ Saad makes a comeback for the biggest NYE party to date.

8. Karl Marx

Ye3ne…we know who’s gonna be submitting this name lol.

9. Lebnan rah yerja3

10. Walid Regragui

If Regragui can lead Morocco to the World Cup final, he can do anything.

11. Myriam Klink (again)

12. Nabih Berri

Because being glued to one seat isn’t enough.

13. Gamal Abdel Nasser

More dead people?

14. Leila Abdel Latif

15. Ramlaa Nakad

Nashid l watane will be changed into an original poem by Ramlaa herself.

Not good enough? Here’s a list of another 8 Alternative Candidates to feast your eyes open.