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Bassel Obeid 29 Dec 2022

12 Fun Things To Do At Your At-Home NYE Party In Lebanon

For those who like to host gatherings with their loved ones, we’ve got some fun ideas for your at-home NYE party!

1. Play a game of “Celebrity Heads” (Beirut.com approved)

Every person has a sticky note stuck to their head with the name of a celebrity. They don’t know what name is written on their sticky note, so they have to ask yes or no questions to the other plays and figure out who the celebrity is.

We recommend using the following names: Kanye West, Haifa Wehbe, Riad Salame, Queen Elizabeth, Dr. Sandrine Atallah, Kim Kardashian, and Fayrouz.

2. Recreate some unhinged childhood photos

We all have some crazy photos that our parents made us pose for when we were kids. We say dig out those old albums and recreate the most iconic ones!

3. Enjoy a memorable night with one of these fun Lebanese card games

4. Feast on these delicious cheeseboards from Cheers to Cheese

5. Make some castana on the soubya (if you have one, or just stick them in the oven)

The only rule: you can’t get any help from your mom to know if they’re done.

6. Dance to music by these amazing Arab underground artists

These artists are making music about important social and political issues unraveling in the Arab region. You’ll love this list if you’re a Mashrou’ Leila fan!

7. Build your own gingerbread houses with kits from Neo Gourmet

8. Share a Munchitizer platter from Munchease

You can now order your favorite Munchease dishes on Gozilla!

9. Play the ultimate Lebanese version of “Would You Rather”

Would you rather eat Fattoush or tabbouleh for the rest of your life? Would you rather be as famous as Haifa Wehbe or Fayrouz? Click here for more ideas to create the best list of wacky options.

10. Write your New Year’s Resolutions

Ever thought about what the New Year’s Resolutions of Lebanese politicians would look like? Click here!

11. Try out the Beirut.com Wrapped quiz and see what you get

Find out what your favorite Beirut.com articles are with this simple quiz. Click here!

12. Watch The Recruit on Netflix and point out the cringiest Lebanese stereotypes