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Elise Daoud 04 Apr 2023

10 Things We All Go Through Every Lebanese Spring

Spring is upon us, and so are all the usual spring tropes! Here are 10 things everyone in this country goes through every time Spring comes to town.

1. What the fuck do I wear?

Is it light sweater, medium jacket, or heavy coat weather? Oh It’s all 3 at the same time? That’s great.

2. At least the good morning messages get an update

Love the roses king.

3. What is time again?

More sun? Less sun? Fasting? Easter? Ramadan? What is time actually fr?

4. Wait- I need to sneeze

Fucking pollen.

5. April never feels real

Thank you for the coalescence of holidays and spring breaks.

6. I can’t wait to go out in this beautiful weather!

Me while staring at my phone on my 82nd consecutive hour inside my room.

7. Why do we have just four seasons?

Why can’t we have a season for every sect? Why is this so unequal?

8. No mom, I’m not wearing that jacket!

Get ready to experience a Lebanese mom’s comeback now.

9. Everyone’s so happy and chippy and breezy

I hate it.

10. Something’s in the air

Fuck, I sneezed again.

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