It’s Labor Day weekend, so give yourself a pat on the back and go all out in celebration.

The Food Sector

Souk el Akel x International Jazz Day – Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1, 5 PM

Under the patronage of UNESCO, Beirut celebrates International Jazz Day with the world in the Foch Allenby bloc behind the Beirut Municipality. The food market will also be happening concurrently, you can find more information here.

The Great Outdoors

Makan’s Public Garden – starting Monday April 25

In response to dwindling green spaces around Beirut, Makan opens its jasmine garden to the public. Enjoy snacks, coffee, and - if that isn’t enough - free internet in this lovely outdoor space until May 8.

Beirut Night Rides – Thursday April 28 and Friday April 29, 7:45 PM

Bike nights around Beirut with varying levels of difficulty. Rent a bike or bring your own and meet CyclingCircle at CycloSport Gemmayze for a tour of nocturnal Beirut. More details here.

Horsh Beirut Open Day – Saturday April 30, 7 AM

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The Horsh opens its gates every Saturday from 7 AM to 7 PM. Grab a picnic basket, workout gear, book, and a friend or two and head down for a pleasant day in the park.

Armenia 101: Car Free Day in Armenia Street – Sunday May 1, 1 PM

This event was postponed from last Sunday, but it remains a commemoration of 101 years’ past since the Armenian Genocide.

The Art Scene

Esma’/Listen at Beirut Art Center – starting Wednesday April 27

Image via Beirut Art Center

Curating artists who are pushing the boundaries of listening and bringing it into contemporary consciousness, Esma’/Listen has a hearty program set for its opening week.

Visitors in the presence of neutrality – starting Wednesday April 27

Image via Lebtivity

Syrian artist Hasko Hasko exhibits his paintings, telling tales of his youth and tying them to present-day paradoxes, at Art on 56th, Gemmayze.

أسرار الست بديعة – Monday April 25 through Sunday May 1, 10:30 PM

The play starring Nada Abou Farhat has been running intermittently at Metro al Madina since October 2015. Watch the trailer here, and catch it at Metro every night this week.

BIPOD 2016 – Closing weekend

Only a few performances left before the end of Beirut’s annual International Platform of Dance on April 30.

The Cultural Front

Beirut Spring Festival – Thursday April 28 and Saturday April 30, 8:30 PM

A series of talks, screenings, and performances in music, dance, and theater come together to initiate meaningful conversations at the start of this lovely season. This weekend’s events include a performance by the Beijing Dance Company LDTX on Thursday and a musical show by Dima Orsho, Jasser Haj Youssef & Kinan El Azmeh Trio on Saturday. Check out the whole line-up here.

Workers’ Day 2016: Parade and Festival – Sunday May 1, 12 PM

Celebrate workers’ day and demand the ratification and implementation of the 189th ILO Convention which sets decent working and living conditions for domestic workers. There will be a parade at noon, followed by a cultural market in the playground at Saint Francis Church, Hamra.

احتفالية أول نوار في دالية الروشة – Sunday May 1, 5 PM

In celebration of Labor Day and the first of May, head to Dalieh for a chilled out evening on Beirut’s last section of untouched coast, you can learn more here.

The Intellectual Agenda

International Workers’ Day Conference – Thursday April 28, 6 PM, through Sunday May 1

A conference at Zico House tracing the history of the Lebanese labor movement, including its triumphs and challenges, the role of the working class today, and its power as a tool for sociopolitical change. Find the full schedule here.

Four Day Jazz Master Class – Friday April 29 through Monday May 2, 4 PM

Three hour jazz classes spanning four days. Classes are open to beginners and intermediate level musicians the first two days, while more advanced participants are encouraged to join on the last two. Cherry on top? Free jazz concert by the one and only Arthur Satyan to all those who took this master-class.

Symposium on the Arabic Novel – Friday April 29, 5 PM, through Monday May 2

Organized by Ashkal Alwan, another four day event is taking place; this time a symposium observing the contemporary shifts in Arabic, as well as its (finally) blooming writing and publishing industry, and international appreciation surrounding Arabic novels.

The Seventh Art

Grey Zones and Dark Spaces: Networks – Thursday April 28, 7 PM

Screening of films (“Resolution 978 HD” and Lance Wakeling’s “A tour of the AC-1 Transatlantic Submarine Cable”) that highlight media’s materiality and its relationship to our world.

Metropolis supports Beirut Madinati – Thursday April 28, 9:30 PM

Once more, you can support Beirut Madinati by attending the screening of films that won the Palme d’Or at Cannes Festival 2015: “Waves ’98” (Ely Dagher, Lebanon) and “Dheepan” (Jacques Audiard, France). Take a look at the event details here for more information.

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