Beer, beer, beer. You can never have enough! The best thing about beer is its very versatile nature; fermenting styles and ingredients give each beer a distinct taste and flavor profile.

While Lebanese beer is widely available in most restaurants, cafes, and pubs, we’ve rounded up a list of places that offer imported beer for you to try.

1. Melanzana Café

Located in Jounieh, Melanzana Café is a cozy and calm place with delicious food and a beautiful view. The best part? They offer some unique imported beers!

Imported beers they offer: Germania (Euro Pale Lager style beer) and Paulaner (Munich Helles Lager style beer).

2. Schnitzels

Schnitzels is the place to go if you are a German fan, from the decoration to the dress code and most importantly the beer fridge, you’re in for a full German experience.

Imported beers they offer: Löwenbräu Triumphator (Doppelbock style beer), Paulaner (Munich Helles Lager style beer), Kloster Weltenburg (Doppelbock style beer), Augustiner Bräu Dunkel (Munich Dunkel Lager style beer), Kloster Scheyern ( Doppelbock style beer).

3. Mon Maki A Moi

A beautiful place in Dbayeh for people who have a passion for Japanese cuisine. The best part is the outdoor seating area - they have Heineken and Corona as imported beers, but the one you should keep an eye out for is Sapporo, the oldest beer brand in Japan.

Imported beers they offer: Sapporo (a Japanese Rice Lager style beer).

4. Ales & Tales

One of the unique pubs in the streets of Hamra, from its tailored drinks and lovely atmosphere to its lively garden rooftop and most importantly, imported beer selection.

Imported beers they offer: Guinness (Irish Dry Stout style beer) and Murphy’s Irish Stout (Irish Dry Stout style beer).

5. The Plub

A space in Gemmayze that is both a pub and a club at the same time, offering a fun night for all.

Imported beers they offer: Warsteiner (a German Pilsener style beer).

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Well you guys forgot Shtrumpf. The biggest belgian and german beer collection. Plus 50 kinds to try!

Sari Haddad on May 30, 2016 via mobile web