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Beirut.com 24 May 2022

Here Are Some Insane Things That Happened In 2022 (So Far)

Quite a few crazy things have gone down in 2022, and we’re not even halfway through the year. Revisit some of these wild moments.

1. Breaking: Depositor Takes Dozens Hostage At Lebanese Bank

A citizen in Jib Jenine, who was identified as Abdallah Al Sahi, took dozens hostage at BBAC after his request to withdraw $50,000 from his account was rejected. After threatening to detonate a grenade, he was given his money. He later turned himself in to the authorities.

2. “False Prophet” Nasha’t Arrested, While Real Criminals Run Free

When Carmen Chammas introduced the public to “God-sent prophet” Nasha’t Maj El-Nour, he was later arrested for the crime of claiming prophethood.

It is important to note how the most inane sections of the law are still being upheld in the land of lawlessness. Many criminals responsible for the economic downfall and the August 4 blast have not yet been arrested.

3. Reactions To Mikati’s “We have to put up with each other”

Our billionaire Prime Minister Mikati loves making outrageously insensitive statements, one of them being “we have to put up with each other”.

4. Mikati Reportedly Says “Skot Wla” To Minister Of Energy

But it looks like the statement doesn’t apply to him since he had an outburst at Minister of Energy Walid Fayyad as they were discussing the electricity plan that is meant to save what is left of the energy sector in Lebanon.

5. Minister of Energy Slapped At Hamra Pub

Poor Walid Fayyad can’t get a break after he was slapped at a pub in Hamra only a week after being told “skot wla”. A young man and woman who were exiting the pub told Fayyad not to go out amongst people, as he “sits every day with the people who murdered us”.

He then immediately follows the couple, which earns him a slap.

6. Sexual Harasser “Teacher” Released After Signing Pledge To Not Harass

Another instance that shows the selective implementation of the law in Lebanon is sexual harasser Samer Mawlawi, who was exposed for his disgusting behavior with an abundance of evidence against him, was released after he promised not to approach the students who had filed the claim against him (but he’s free to approach other students?).

7. Raja Salame Released On 100 Billion Lebanese Lira Bail

After Judge Ghada Aoun arrested Raja Salameh on charges of financial misconduct, he was released less than a month later on bail amounting to 100 billion Lebanese Lira.

Riad Salameh continues to ignore the warrant out against him for aggravated money laundering and embezzlement.

An honorable mention:

Marwan Kheireddine Had A Celebration Song Ready, Then He Lost

To think animal killer, banker, ex minister, financier extraordinaire, and owner of Jennifer Lawrence’s $9.9 million NYC apartment would even run for re-election is insane, his reign ended with a marvelous flop (and a song to go with it).