Admit it. We've published some fun articles over the past year. We're bringing you our top ten favorite articles from 2013, and hoping you've laughed just as much as we have.

1. The Eight Types of People You’ll Meet While Clubbing in Beirut

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Let’s make one thing clear: people are weird—especially at night when drinks are involved. To prepare yourself for a night out, we’re giving you a list of the typical types of people you’ll (fortunately or unfortunately) never miss when clubbing. Avoid them like the plague and thank us later.

2. The 13 Most Only in Lebanon Photos on Twitter

The Lebanese are masters of dark comedy, and can you blame us when continuously serious social and political realities underscore our daily lives?

3. The Five Service Drivers You’ll Encounter in Beirut

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The Lebanese service would be nothing if not for their prized inhabitant, the Lebanese service driver. The service driver in their natural habitat is a spectacle to behold regardless of their age, vehicle, or years of ‘service’ (pun intended).

4. Why Lebanon is Basically Game of Thrones

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Wasta is alive and well in the seven kingdoms. Your dad was king? Oh look, we have an opening for you! No matter how polished your CV is, pretty sure you’re going to have a hard time snagging that internship at the small council if your mom works as a receptionist in Littlefinger’s brothel.

5. Eight Reasons Arabic is Impossible to Learn

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Short vowels (or harakat) are generally not written out in Arabic, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pronounce them. There's the Fatha, Damma and Kasra to denote the short /a/, short /u/ and short /i/, respectively. There's all sorts of other pronunciation cues purveyed by various marks including the shaddah (used to double the vowel sound) and the Sukun (to demarcate a sharp end to it). I'll save you a full-blown Arabic lesson. Suffice it to say: it's complicated.


6. Twelve Lebanese Life Hacks

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Babies! As soon as they’re born, you’re spending money on them: food, clothing, medicine. Don’t fall for that whole basic requirements of parenting scam though, we’ve got your back. Just pop the little rascal into a motorcycle helmet: it’s comfy on the inside, and protective on the outside.

7. Five Things Sheep Do During Eid al-Adha

Honestly, I feel really bad for sheep every time Eid rolls around. Bless those sweet things.

8. A Guide to Kissing in the Arab World

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When it comes to greeting people in the Arab world, things can get super weird if you're not familiar with how things roll in this region. Pucker up!

9. The Five Worst Things About Being a Pedestrian in Beirut

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The sidewalks belong to us… and motorcycles: cars and motorcycles have the whole road to themselves, after all. What more could they want? The sidewalk, that’s what.

10. Five Unexpected Benefits of Living in Lebanon

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Sure it's like a national pastime to complain about how much Lebanon sucks, but you know what? It's not all political incompetence and a poor quality of life. Haters to the left please, it's time to be thankful for the little things.

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