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Rea Haddad 07 Nov 2019

11 News Headlines That Will Remind Everyone Why We’re Revolting

Three weeks later and the revolution is still alive and well! But for those possibly losing sight of WHY we’re on the streets, allow us to remind you:

1. 104 Fires In 24 Hours, Lebanon Is Burning

“Massive wildfires have erupted in Lebanon, swallowing everything in their way. Civil defense teams alone are incapable of putting out the fires, thus Lebanon has resorted to Cypriot help.”

2. This Lebanese MP Thinks Lunch At Le Grey Is A Budget Meal

“As one person cleverly tweeted, this “budget meal” equates to 20% of the minimum wage, which is enough to support a family of 4 for 30 days.”

3. Iranian Moms Now Grant Citizenship To Their Children, Lebanese Mothers Still Can’t

“While this is a great victory for women in Iran and the Middle East, we can’t help but remember Lebanese mothers, who are denied that very right.”

4. Lebanese Public Slams Eden Bay, Massive Resort Built On Beirut’s Only Public Beach

“Unfortunately, despite public outrage – the Eden Bay resort project continued – leaving very little to enjoy of Beirut’s only public shore.”

5. Remember When We Found Chickens In Electricite Du Liban?

“Back in 2018, an insane video went viral on social media, showing cages of chickens, quail, chicks, and eggs found on the third basement floor near the parking area for EDL’s main building. The birds had access to around-the-clock electricity, unlike Lebanese citizens.”

6. Lebanon Among Most Corrupt Countries in the World

“Ranking 128, meaning it is the 48th most corrupt, Lebanon is pretty bright shade of red – outranking fellow Arab countries.” And that was back in 2012!

7. Lebanese NGO For Differently Abled Children To Shut Down For Lack Of Funding

“Lebanese people awoke to terrible news on Friday, June 7th, after the well known social welfare NGO SESOBEL released an official notice announcing that they will be shutting their usually welcoming doors, as a result of their poor financial situation and lack of funding.”

8. Lebanese Man Sets Himself On Fire In Front Of Justice Palace

“A Lebanese man identified as George Kh. had set himself on fire earlier today in front of Beirut’s Justice Palace, in protest against delayed court case.”

9. Lebanese Parliament Passes Controversial Waste Management Law

“The law permits the incineration of trash, a practice that many feel if not done right would lead to hazardous health and environmental effects. This comes after over years of a trash crisis that the Lebanese government has not managed to solve.”

10. Meet Candice van der Merwe, Hariri’s Alleged $16 Million Gift Recipient

“We know she was allegedly gifted a whopping $15 million dollars from our Prime Minister, but what else could we uncover on the South African model turned media sensation?”

11. New Low: Lebanese Men Sent By Govt To Kill Birds Around Beirut’s Airport

“This is our government’s big solution to the environmental and humanitarian disaster that is the Costa Brava landfill. This is what our government deems to be a legal and viable.”

If these weren’t enough to convince you, here are some more facts that should definitely get you on the streets.