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Lynn Fakhry 15 Dec 2021

14 Times Lebanese People Were Badass

Some became the face of the Lebanese uprising, others marked history through their art and athletic skills, and all of them have made many proud of their achievements. Here’s a list reminding you of 14 times Lebanese people were completely badass!

1. When athlete Joyce Azzam became the first Lebanese woman to climb the 7 summits.

2. When al-Jadeed TV presenter Rima Karaki shut down a sexist male guest on air.

3. When the first international Lebanese fashion model Andrée Acouri was featured on Vogue Arabia’s magazine cover at 80 years old.

4. When an elderly Lebanese man notched a small win against the rigged system.

An 80 year old man named Joseph el Hajj filed a claim arguing that he was owed priority access to the vaccine, access that was stunted by MPs jumping the line. In a wonderful decision, Judge Carla Chawah ordered the Lebanese Ministry of Health to vaccinate Hajj within 48 hours, or else be subject to a fine of 10 million Lebanese Lira for every day the matter is delayed.

5. When the weightlifting athlete Mahassen Hala Fattouh was announced to become the first Lebanese woman to compete in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo

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6. When Samer Khouzami was his true authentic self

7. When Kelna 3ayle transformed wasted food to hot meals for those with food insecurity.

The organization delivered over 763,000 hot meals and 500 supermarket vouchers all over Lebanon in just one year.

8. When The National Women Basketball League Put A Smile on our Faces

9. When everyone scrambled to support a local kaake vendor who had been bullied.

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10. When the cast of “Tinfeeseh” performed a part of their play in front of Al Madina Theatre after the Lebanese security forces had cancelled the show because of its political criticism.

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11. When “Mayyas” Lebanese dance crew stunned Britain’s Got Talent judges and got a golden buzzer for their first dance audition

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12. When musician Alain Bourgi created an instrument out of the bullets he collected from Arsal’s Dawn of The Mountains Battle, and played the Lebanese National Anthem on it.

13. When Hiba Tawaji became the first female singer to perform a public concert in Saudi Arabia in 2017.

14. When LAU students collaborated with Chreek NGO to build the biggest Phoenician ship using 25,000 plastic bottles and sailed it from Byblos to Zaitunay Bay.