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Labib Mansour 17 May 2023

13 Lebanese Things We Just Can’t Get Enough Of

Some Lebanese things are, as the kids say, “like crack.” Here are 13 of these quintessentially Lebanese things we just can’t seem to ever get enough of.

1. Lies

Who doesn’t love some nice myths?

2. Zaatar

Despite its low ranking on the Ultimate Lebanese Mouneh Rankings.

3. Raha with 555 Biscuits

Unlike Zaatar, a highly ranked commodity.

4. Olive Oil

Winning medals for it and shit.

5. Quirky Ice Cream

Janerik bouza?!

6. Even quirkier food combos

Please, stop this madness.

7. Complaining

Did you know I’m a suffering master’s student?

8. Never apologizing

And I mean never.

9. Nostalgia

Imagine how it would look like in 30 years though.

10. Dad jokes

And here are 14 of the best!

11. Mom’s hoarded items

Please, don’t touch any of them

12. Red flags

The more red flags, the merrier.

13. Ourselves

Narciss? Never heard of him.