FISH is an international innovative brand of decorative products, as well as cheekily branded clothing, and pop culture branded memorabilia. Fish is an initiative between designers in Holland, Spain, Bulgaria and Lebanon, with the product being produced in Germany for the finest quality that will not damage the walls. The collaboration will produce a new collection every 6 weeks.

FISH's latest endeavor is their line of wall art, produced with the best quality wall vinyls, and designed and prepared with extra care to make sure that each piece has its irreverent following. Seeing that the Lebanese market does not possess this quick and trendy method of in-house decoration, they aimed to introduce it here with high end pop, trendy and classic designs, economically priced, offered to you in a unique packaging that you won't want to throw away.

The designs target a wide range of personal preferences, and age groups. There are the designs for children's bedrooms, some of which are interactive such as the Giraffe design, which decorates your child's room as well as being a growth chart. There are also the ones intended to decorate your living and working spaces, in designs that are pop, trendy, and classic, depending on your taste.

FISH want to make sure that whatever you prefer, they can offer you something unique that you would be proud to have in your living space every day of the week - until you decide that you want something new, and then you can just peel it off and put up a new one.

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    Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 till 18:00.

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    2nd Floor, Rasamny Bldng, Hamra Street Hamra Tel.: +9611353635


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