There are a bunch of things you need to do this fall, like drink mulled wine, carve a pumpkin, buy a new pair of boots and Photoshop a bunch of pics to make it look like you spent all day scoping out the fall foliage.

Want to really make the most of what Lebanon has to offer? Then be sure to hit up these ten awesome autumn events.

1. The Fall Festival in Achrafieh

There's going to be a parade, children's activity center, pumpkin hunt, scarecrows, live entertainment and food. What more could you ask for? Ring in the fall season the right way during Car Free Day in the Sodeco-Abdel Wahab area. From 10am to 6pm, the entire perimeter will be cut off to traffic so you can carve your pumpkins... and I wouldn't recommend eating them too... unless you bake the pumpkin seeds... that could be delicious... I digress... I highly recommend attending this event.

Car Free Day
10am to 6pm
Sodeco Square to Abdel Wahab Street
For more information: visit Achrafieh2020

2. The Beirut Marathon

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Don't be one of those people who wakes up hungover on race day and lies in bed deciding whether you should send your race buddy a text message about coming down with food poisoning because you think you might actually vomit if you lift your head. Repeat after me, "NOT TODAY, CHILD-LIKE EMPRESS. NOT. TODAY."

The Beirut Marathon only happens once - I repeat - once a year. And they have different options like the 42 km relay race, the 10 km, the 5 km and something called the "fun race," which I have a feeling is for people like me who like the idea of running but are more cut out for a brisk, yet no less fulfilling walk.

Register online at the Beirut Marathon's website.

3. Cooking Classes at Kitchenlab

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The folks at Kitchenlab in Achrafieh have pretty much every cuisine covered. You can go from making Indian palak panneer to whipping up a French goat cheese crème brûlée and an Italian pan-grilled polenta cake with arugula and walnut pesto.

All the classes are centered around showing you how to transform seasonal ingredients into a variety of fall menus. On Monday, October 27, it's all about adas. Lentils not your thing? They've also got a pizza-making class coming up on October 30.

Also keep a look out for the November schedule on Kitchenlab's Facebook page.

4. Hikes and Recreation

Pretty sure this one's a no-brainer. Fall = crazy beautiful leaves and things. Here's some professionally-guided hikes to get you started:

Al Mtein Hike
Lamartine Valley Hike
Ehden Forest Hike
Hardine Hike
Hoson Aar Hike
Maaser el Chouf Niha Hike
Sakyet El Khayet Abaydat Hike

5. Yoga + Halloween = Craziness

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I never would have put Halloween and aerial yoga together, but yep, it's happening. The organizers of this event are urging all participants to show up in their best superhero outfit. Don't get crazy, though. You're still doing yoga. So try and stick to tights, shorts, masks and capes. This is worth attending just for the visual picture of people flying upside down in superman tights.

For a look at a complete list of events happening Halloween weekend, check out this handy guide from

Union Square Yoga
Achrafieh Street, Facing the Police Station
Tel.: 70.410.337
Cost: $50

6. The Beirut Cooking Festival

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Let me put it to you like this: if you consider yourself a foodie, then you absolutely will attend this annual November event. The Beirut Cooking Festival is a show packed with food demonstrations, recipes for everyday meals, easy entertaining dishes from celebrity chefs, cocktail courses and new trends in cooking, ingredients and equipment on the market. There will be food everywhere. EVERYWHERE. You can probably bathe in it while you're there.

The Beirut Cooking Festival
November 6 to November 8 at BIEL
Downtown Beirut
Find it on Facebook

7. Go On a Wine Tour

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Do I really need to convince you to spend the day drinking copious amounts of wine? Ok here goes... you'll get driven around various wineries in the Bekaa Valley by experts who can give you the 411 on wine production while tasting a variety of delicious local labels and most certainly stopping off for a filling lunch along the way.

In other words: Because. The end.

Check out this organized wine tour by Vamos Todos happening Saturday, October 25.

8. Build a Bonfire at the Beach

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On Saturday, October 25, the folks from Nahnoo - an organization that works to promote the fair and free use of public space in Lebanon - are organizing a bonfire at Ramlet el Bayda Beach. Unlike the tacky commercial parties you're used to, this is all about the whole community coming together, hanging out, playing music and just having fun. No slutty outfits or douchebag cars required.

And just to be clear: you don't need an organized event to go do something like this. Grab a fire starter, some wood and the proper ingredients necessary to make s'mores, and you've got yourself an amazing night out with friends that is FOR FREE.

9. Go For a Night Ride

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This is an annual event organized by the folks over at CyclingCircle. The ride itself is free of charge, but you may need to rent a bike from either CycloSport in Gemmayzeh or Beirut by Bike at the Waterfront if you don't already have one.

The event is on Halloween eve so be prepared to don a costume as well.

What you need to know:
8:00 p.m.: Gather at Martyrs' Square
8:30 p.m.: Departure / multiple stops on the way to regroup
11:30 p.m.: End of the ride back at Martyrs' Square
For more information, click here.

10. Morning Yoga at the Beirut Waterfront

Rise and shine! The practice of yoga is already such a positive blessing, but picture this: it's 10am at the Beirut Waterfront and you're feeling the full power of Prana on your shoulders as you breathe in the salty breeze and transition into the perfect downward dog.

Practicing yoga in the morning reinvigorates the body and supercharges the mind. Get in on this waterfront yoga session with the Art of Living on November 9. I promise, it won't disappoint. Namaste, scenesters.

Want more information? Contact the Art of Living Yoga Center
Tel.: +9611281005

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