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Beirut.com 11 May 2022

28 Things To Keep In Mind Ahead Of Sunday’s Elections

Parliamentary elections are happening this Sunday, May 15th. Here are 35 noteworthy things you may want to keep in mind as you cast your vote.

1. The devastating August 4 explosion

2. The Tleil-Akkar fuel tanker explosion

Which senselessly claimed 33 lives.

3. The families of the hundreds of victims who died during the August 4 explosion being attacked by security forces outside Berri’s residence:

4. The 20+ missing people who died while trying to flee

5. The fact that Lebanon Now Has One Of The Lowest Minimum Wages Globally

6. This Lebanese mother’s heart-breaking message to the former Minister of Education, Tarek Majzoub. “We don’t have money to buy shoes for our kids.”:

7. The fact that Due To Lack of Fuel, Civil Defense Could Not Reach Fire In Al-Bireh

8. Lebanese MPs and politicians jumping the queue to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

9. The sheer amount of property owned by Lebanese politicians

These are merely the properties registered in their names, they undoubtably have way more hidden away.

10. The fact that cancer patients died after treatments were hoarded/unavailable

11. Photos of Terrified Kids Taking Shelter Amid Clashes And Insanity In Tayouneh

Just political parties being ridiculous.

12. Elie Ferzli’s Convoy Barreling Through Protestors Near Parliament

And he said he would happily do it again!

13. The fact that 74% of the population is living in poverty

14. Students being forced to halt their education due to the excruciating economic crisis

15. The fact that Vital Psychiatric Medication Was Out Of Stock In Pharmacies For Months

16. Healthcare expenses climbing nearly 500% in a year

17. Inflation levels surging over 200% in March 2022 alone

18. The fact that Lebanon Ranked #107 In World Press Freedom For 2021

19. The fact that More than 200,000 people have left Lebanon since 2018

20. Power cuts…

Enough said.

21. The forensic audit we paid for that never materialized

22. Crowds outside this army supermarket due to slightly cheaper prices:

23. Life-saving medical procedures being halted as Lebanon’s collapse intensified

24. Generator bills exceeding monthly minimum wage

25. Each time the criminal ministers evaded interrogation over August 4

26. This video of two girls who had been shot at for not stopping for a convoy of an unnamed politician who was passing through Corniche El Mazraa:

27. When Once Again, Lebanon’s Streets Were Covered In Trash

This happened again and again.

28. The insane lines of hundreds of cars standing still outside gas stations, waiting to refuel.