Chef Ramzi was recognized as (one of) the most renowned chef in the Arab world by The New York Times, The Herald Tribune, The B.B.C., CNN, and many other media.

The famous Lebanese cuisine has been finally given its deserved share on the App Store thanks to Chef Ramzi.

• Learn how to cook “Chef Ramzi” style with more than 300 recipes by Chef Ramzi
• New Recipes will be added on a regular basis and will be updated automatically in your app in “New Recipes”
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• Find recipes by Lebanese regions on the Map of Lebanon (Beirut, North, South, Bekaa etc.)
• Find recipes by Lebanese cadastres on the Map of Lebanon (Zgharta, Batroun, Metn, Jbeil, Hasbaya, Tyre, Zahle, Hermel etc.)
• Find recipes by Lebanese regions in a complete exhaustive List View
• Get your seasonal recipes on the Main page (Christmas, Summer, Winter, Ramadan etc.)
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