Have you reached a decision to own your dream home?
The keys of your dream home have never been so easy to get…
Make your dream a reality with “B Home”, Bank of Beirut Housing Loan Program and choose the home that best suits your aspirations.
B Home provides you with the perfect ceiling for a high loan amount repayable over a long period at very competitive features.


Loan Period: 30 years
Interest Rate: 4% for the first year, then “BCR + 2.75%” for the remaining period
Maximum Loan Amount: Up to USD 1 Million or LBP 1.5 Billion


Applicant Age: Over 21 years old
Applicant Nationality: Lebanese Resident
Minimum Monthly Income: LBP 2,000,000 for private sector employee and LBP 1,500,000 for public sector employee, or its countervalue in USD
Career Status: Employed or self-employed with a stable job with 2-year working experience
B Home Loan at Bank of Beirut

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