Your home furniture is old, your family has been considering all those electronic gadgets in various ads, your wife needs new appliances, and you have been taking computer courses but have no Laptop at home!
You realize you need many, many new things but not within your current budget; Let BankMed assist you. BankMed Merchant loans are the answer.


Minimum Down Payment: Depends on the amount of the merchandise cost
Loan Period: 3 years
Interest Rate: 11%
Maximum Loan Amount: 4,000 USD


Applicant Nationality: Lebanese Citizen
Career Status: An employee with an acceptable basic salary or a self employed individual with a proof of income
Merchant Loan at BankMed

Addresses and Contacts

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    Bank Product of: BankMed Mar Elias Street Mousseitbeh

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    Bank Product of: BankMed Sodeco Square Sodeco

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    Bank Product of: BankMed Rachid Karami Street Verdun

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