Beirut based Vibe Lebanon started off in November 1998 as the Middle East's first Internet radio station - a platform for discovering and promoting new and unknown talents within the local dance music scene.

A natural progression has been to launch Vibe Lebanon's own record label called Vibe Lebanon Records in 2006 in an effort to release quality electronic music straight out of Lebanon.

The label today has already put out more than 35 releases for acts like Gme & Ceasar K, Kid Bliss, C-Rouge, G & Special_Kase, Sidihamza, Ramzy Shaar, Stephanie Merchak as well as Ceasar K and is quickly gaining recognition all around the world.

Throughout the last few years, the VL releases have obtained top selling chart positions in their respective genres in world renowned stores such as:,,,, and many others...

The label proudly based in Beirut city which plans to keep exporting the very best in electronic music to the world is signing more artists every year and will soon expand its network of distribution to the CD and vinyl formats.

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