Toom Extra is THE blog to escape everyday's routine in a funny way and posts full of humor and "wisdom". They write about Lebanon, the world, funny thoughts, cultural events, weird situations, and every day's life. Toom Extra is an idea of 3 persons who are the 3 main writers in the blog: NutCocktail=>Samah, RODMAN2ouché w banjis=>Tony, & Tarboun el basilikum=>Rana. Their mission is to break the routine and make you smile, think, laugh, cry or all of the mentioned together garnished with Toom Extra!

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كلّ بداية في إلها نهاية أو عالقليلة تحوّل بغيّر التوجّهات.توم إكسترا كانت مغامرة حلوة كتير، تعلّمنا وتعرّفنا من خلالها على كتير إشيا وناسأغنو حياتنا والأهمّ إنّو ساعدونا نحقّق مشاريع ما كنّا ...

Dec 31, 2013, 2:35 PM
Lebanese or not?

There have never been better times than the current ones in Lebanon.It was always a mix of gloomy, apprehensive, tensed, unpredictable, hopeful, shitty, bright, simple, fake, just-going-without-us-really-knowing-how-it-actually-is state...But all in all it was and still is one thing: real.This is our reality and it has been like this since my...

Aug 23, 2013, 9:42 PM
Lebanon; blogs and \"Revolution Action\"*

As Rana’s reaction to Samah’s post started during his holidays in my homeland, I felt quite obliged to participate in this small debate about what could be better in Lebanon. You might say that I, as a Swiss guy, shouldn’t do it, but when I read that Samah is the male version of my beloved, I found that scary enough to react (no offense pal) ...

Jul 22, 2013, 4:21 PM


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