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Beirut.com 11 Aug 2021

One Year After Government’s Resignation, Achievements Skyrocket To 99%

Happy one year since our government’s resignation!

Below is a list of all the achievements after the resignation.

1. Lebanese Army Finds More Ammonium Nitrate At Beirut Port

2. 50% Of Medication Is Now Completely Unavailable In Lebanon

3. Surreal: There Was A Fire In Tripoli Port

4. Protestors Storm Into Bank In Downtown, Demanding Their Money Back

5. Hariri Says He Is Open To Being The Next Lebanese Prime Minister…Again

6. 30,000 Tonnes Of Flour Ruined Due To Negligent Lebanese Authorities

7. BDL Asks Local Banks To Implement Student Dollar Law

8. Price Of Bread Increases To 2,250 Lira

9. Pharmaceutical Companies Have Reportedly Stopped Distribution To Pharmacies

10. Demand For Intensive Care Beds Is Expected To Increase In Lebanon

11. 41 Injuries And Clashes With Security Forces in Tripoli

12. Tripoli Man Hands Over Daughter To Army Because He Can’t Feed Her

13. PM Diab Asks Citizens To Be “Patient”

14. 220+ Injured During Tripoli Protests

15. One Person Dead After Tripoli Clashes

16. This Lebanese Company Has Been Hiding Away 200,000 Baby Formula Cans

17. Lebanon Ranked Among Most Corrupt Countries In The World

18. Disgusting: Government Plans To Tax Aid Given To August 4 Victims

19. Exchange Rate Hits Staggering 9,100 LL On The Dollar

20. Dangerous Materials Still At Beirut Port Says German Ambassador

21. Lebanon May Not Be Able To Generate Electricity Beyond March

22. Rumors Of “Service” Fees Being Raised To 5,000 LL

23. Prices Of Fuel Still On The Rise As Of This Morning

24. Service Transport Fees Officially Set At 4,000 LL

25. Lebanese Minister of Energy: “Imagine life without electricity”

26. Price Of Fuel Surges By 4,200 LL

27. A Kilo Of Snoubar Is Over 1 Million Lira

28. Patient Dies As Hospital Requests 500,000 Deposit

29. Theft Of Electric Cables And Metals All Around Lebanon

30. Stolen Manhole Covers Cause Road Safety Concerns In Lebanon

31. Fight Over Food Leaves One Dead, Two Injured In Tripoli

32. Gasoline Prices Up By 66% Over Past 5 Months

33. Large Number of Fish Found Dead In Qaraoun Lake

34. Lebanon’s Powerplants May Stop Generating Electricity Mid May

35. Lebanese Army Halts Boat Of Migrants On Tripoli’s Coast

36. 700 Pharmacies Have Closed Their Doors Around Lebanon

37. MEA To Charge In Fresh Dollars As Of June 8

38. World Bank Classifies Lebanon’s Crisis As “Top 3 Worst” In Modern History

39. Syndicate Of Generator Owners Announce New Decreased Hours

40. Suspension Of Basic Medical Services As Lebanon’s Collapse Intensifies

41. 20 Tons Of Hoarded Baby Formula Found To Be Expired

42. Lebanese Money In Switzerland At Record-Highs, Topping $7 Billion

43. Civil Defense Trucks In Danger Due To Low Fuel Supply

44. Some Children’s Vaccines Reportedly No Longer Available In Lebanon

45. Man Killed By Stray Bullet Fired At Fuel Lines In Akkar

46. Lebanon’s Crises Kill 3 People In The Past 24 Hours

47. Pharmacist Assaulted Over Inability To Provide Medication

48. Sibline Governmental Hospital Announces It Will Shut Down Due To Harrowing Crisis

49. Period Poverty Affecting More Than Two Third of Women in Lebanon

50. Four Tourists Hospitalized After Chaos In Raouche

51. Subsidies Lifted Off Select Medications In Lebanon

52. Water Supply System “On Verge Of Collapse” In Lebanon

53. Man Sets Himself On Fire In Tripoli Due To Economic Condition

54. Billionaire Two-Time PM Najib Mikati Named PM-Designate

55. Lifesaving Pacemakers Are No Longer Available In Lebanon

56.Dispute Over Fuel In Tripoli Leaves 2 Dead

57. 6 Hospitals At Risk Of Closing Due To Fuel Shortages

58. Lebanon Gas Distributors Announce Their Supply Will Only Last 10 Days